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  • Comedy , Drama

    A Trip to La-La Land

    A trip to la-la-land

    Chidinma has a dream to become an award winning baker, the traffic to and from work is the only time she can dare to have the dream. She has chosen her reality over a dream and cannot make up her mind to go back.


    Behind Dark Clouds

    Behind Dark Clouds

    Monalisa, devastated by the gruesome extermination of her family is faced with the choice of abandoning a baby she never planned to have in pursuit of a life long career she had always dreamed of. She is determined to unmask the one who placed the kill order on her family. Follow her marks in this book as she …


    Man of the south

    Man of the South

    Festus and his wife in search of a child tricks single Uju into becoming a surrogate mother without her consent. They steal her child and throw her out of their house. Vengeance becomes her only solace. They can’t imagine what she has in store for them.


    Mrs. Unmarried

    Ezinne is an abused, battered, and broken wife whose husband is murdered in their home; she is the prime suspect with both motive and opportunity, the media cannot gloss over a juicy story. Can her lawyer prove her innocence or is she doomed by his life and condemned by his death?

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    CRIME FICTION , Short Story

    Room 287

    Room 287

    Stacy Maduabuchi leads a double life with good reason and that double life goes as far as her skin color. The answer to the death of her mother is the driving force and she must dine with the devils just to get the answer she seeks. She infiltrates and ends a powerful prostitution ring which has gone beyond …