A writer’s tool is the words available at his or her disposal. A great writer is one who understands how to string together words that may invoke or evoke the exact emotion he intends to extricate from his reader(s).

Our mentorship program is a coaching session to help you harness the writer in you. I will teach you the process of writing, choosing your title and book cover design, organising your time and publishing.

The programme will run for a period of one month, two hours for two days during the week. It would include a writing session where you would practise and write your own story.

The current program is free and would be intensive. I would teach you:

  1. How to be in control of your story.
  2. How to listen to your characters.
  3. How to maintain a constant and believable plot.
  4. Character development.
  5. How to build strong and unforgettable characters.
  6. How to wow your readers with an unexpected plot twist and resolution that melts like white chocolate on your tongue.

What I expect?

  1. You must be signed up on my mailing list via this website.
  2. You must have read at least one of my books.
  3. You should follow my accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

The Course

Week one: What makes a good story: Discussions and Exercise.

Week two: Plotting a good story: Discussions and exercise.

Week three: Your Characters: how to create formidable characters and how their characters develop throughout the story.

Week four: Write your story.

For more information and enquiries, send an email to info@nelowrites.com.ng and it would be my pleasure to respond to you.