In the world of today, no one wants to feel left behind. It is the reason why at every birthday, you see ladies posting glamorous looking pictures taken in photo studios, an attempt to freeze life into one perfect time frame, with hair on flick, make-up drawn on canvas and dresses without strains.

It’s the same reason, people take pictures in front of cars, even cars that don’t belong to them. I remember a colleague of mine back then in 2015 who had sent me a message telling me he now had over five cars. Come on! We had only finished school barely two years and this guy who did not have so much as a bicycle was claiming to have five cars. I can’t remember what became of him after then.

It is the same reason everyone you know tells you a story about how their lives are playing out so perfectly while you are staring at yours and wondering if you haven’t worked hard enough. Or why your fortunes are missing the right directions in life.

While it is true that some of your mates are making it big in life, there are also some who are struggling just like you are. So if you think that your little efforts counts as nothing then consider this.

What if Mary Slessor did not come to Nigeria, what would have happened to all the twins we see today and admire? The other day I read a story of a woman who had been waiting for a child for eight years and then eventually she had a quadruplet. Now imagine if Mary had said her presence in Nigeria wouldn’t matter. Afterall she was a woman and in those days women were not counted as being important. Imagine Psquare of today.

You know that little space you are occupying is important to the bigger picture. It might not win you the Oscars, it might not even make the world know your name but if you are not in that space, the hollow will be imbalanced.

So rather than wallow in self pity, worrying about why yours hasn’t clicked or why everything is against you, get up and fill your part. Be your own audience and cheering crowd. Clap for yourself when you fail, at least you attempted. Try again and again and if your heart says it’s time to stop, stop and move on to something else. Perhaps that was not your win.


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